Zenote views music as a world voice that connects us all.  “For inspiration I play on top of trees.  I like to go down to the river and play for the people- that’s just part of me”.  Zenote’s music is best described as an intricate blending of flamenco, folk, gospel, reggae, polka, and cumbia and mariachi styles. “It’s world music” explains Zenote.

Zenote has traveled by canoe deep into the mountains to play for rural and remote tribal people, and he has performed in NYC at numerous festivals, for major radio stations, and with world renowed musicians such as Pete Seeger, Natasha Ramos, Theory, and Rednex Poetry Squad.

“I don’t carry a case for my guitar.  When people see the guitar it brings down walls and they want to hear it.  My role is to make them feel and think”.